My Mission From Within

I am here to remind you that life is a game and nothing more.

And that you have a life purpose and nothing less.


My Vision From Within

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you discover why.

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We have everything, but not what our heart desires

No one emerges from his youth unscathed. As a child we all die a thousand deaths. Discover how small events in your life can have big consequences. And make you believe all your life that you are on the right track.

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A new life, a new definition of happiness. It's time to wake up 

We have learned to LISTEN to parents, priests, politicians and economists. To TRUST that it will all work out. To BELIEVE that THEY know better than YOU.

We have played that game long enough. 

My journey to living as my Leader Within

The Awakening1

My wake up call

During my career in media and advertising, one night I woke up from a dream in which Acda en de Munnik sang to me: “In all these years you have never been yourself. You are the partyman at the wrong party.”

It was a turning point in my life. I realized two things: that something wasn’t right. And that the solution was closer than I thought: Within myself!

Partyman at the wrong party

Turning Within2

Meeting the Leader Within

I decided to turn inwards.

There I met the voice of an inner self and discovered an infinite source of inspiration and wisdom of a self-creating, self-guiding and self-healing being.

On every aspect of my life he shows me what he wants and which corrections of my life path are necessary. Never with judgment, always to the point and often with humour.

From now on no more worrying, no need for future planning, as my whole life was already planned in detail. 

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The DNA Code of Life3

DNA code of a happy life revealed

Quickly I learned to renounce all people, rules and convictions that did not serve my life.

That created space to discover where I came from, how I ended up on this planet and how life operates by scientific laws. But above all I learned about my personal goals in this life.

Believe me, they differed completely from the goals I had made up myself or the goals that the world wanted me to chase!

At last I ruled my life. 

Sleutelgat Keyhole

A costly mistake4

The price of not listening to the Leader Within

But life had it's challenges too. 

Shortly before the banking crisis the Leader Within told me in a dream: "Sell your shares if you don't want to lose your money." By acting immediately I did not lose a penny!

One year later, just before the fastest stockmarket rally ever, the Leader Within told me in a dream: "Start investing now and you will earn a lot of money." I did not act on my inner leader's advice. With hindsight, I could have doubled my money in one year!

It was a costly mistake. But it taught me: if you do not listen to your Self, you always pay the price.  

monopoly game

The author of my life5

The author of my life; the author of my first book

About the discovery who you are, your purpose, the path that leads you there, the means and the inner coach you have at your disposal and conquering the pitfalls you will inevitably meet, I have written a book: Rule Your Own Life: The Seven Laws of Self-Determination.

You can order it here.

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Serving the world6

Launching Leaders From Within

Living your purpose, finding your natural happiness and the meaning of your life became the theme for countless public speaking appearances and different program try-outs.

It was a succes. People asked for more!

Guess what? One night I woke up from a dream in which I was asked to start a business to help people live their life From Within: Leaders From Within.

And so the end of my journey is as the beginning: everything started with a dream. 

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About Jan

Jan Kieft

Any situation can be changed for the better by turning inwards. 

I have no degree in psychology, neurobiology, quantum science or any other science. Instead, for the past twenty years I have turned inwards where I found myself as my own GPS, search engine, psychologist and doctor. And you can do the same.

That's why my primary aim is to help you discover that you don’t need me. To live your purpose and solve your problems you don’t need anybody. The only one who can tell you the truth you need to hear is speaking From Within. Loud and clear.

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