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We are here to remind you of the basic truth that life is a game and nothing more and, that you have a life purpose and nothing less.


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For centuries religions have been teaching us life strategies to stimulate our growth. These have been confirmed by quantum science over the past century. You could call them life lessons from your true Self, for your reality appears to emanate from your own mind. Anyone who realizes this is no longer a victim, but takes matters into his own hands.


That is why Leaders From Within do not allow themselves to be fooled or prescribed, for they live the power of Self-determination, which has always been encapsulated by education and society. In this way everyone's life purpose and a meaningful life full of growth and blossoming come into focus.

You only have to go through a portal in your consciousness. An imaginary portal. What are you waiting for? Take that step! For yourself and for our children.

My mission is to invite you to let go of the almost obsessive focus on the outside world and to shift in to your inner world. Because that’s where everything comes from, really EVERYTHING. You certainly won’t regret it.

If you saw yourself as I see me, it could change your life and your business in the blink of an eye. You could bring purpose and meaning into your life and business. The key to this can be found in your own mind. 

Isn’t it interesting that everything that hapens in your life puts you right in the middle? When you realize that you and only you are the creator of your reality, the potential for change also becomes clear to you.

We have within ourselves the ability to free ourselves from what is holding us back. I went that way myself. It is a rewarding path. Not that everything went smoothly. I have made a few, sometimes costly mstakes! That’s how I learned: if I don’t listen to myself, I litterally pay the price.

Fortunately I discovered another reality behind this visible reality, from which we create our lives. Then you see who you really are and that there is a completely different path in life than the one we are all programmed to go. The tools for the trip are included and free of charge. From there on nothing and nobody can stop you from doing what you really want. Life smiles at you because you smile at yourself again. Who wouldn’t want that?

 I help you to create a new reality in your life or company in short time, even if your situation seems hopeless. Almost everything you know is second-hand. What you really want and what you need to live it is already within you. Really, the influence of the outside world on your life could be so much smaller than you think.

My approach goes to the root of the problem. That is the way you see yourself. And as a consequence: how you use your consciousness. You become aware of your blind spots and how they influence your life. You break through the fact that your present is determined by your past. You will see possibilities that you did not even dare to dream of before. Increasingly you follow your inner guidance. All it takes is a strict application of scientific universal laws that govern your life. And carefully listening to yourself.

Playfully you will discover that you are a self-creating, self-guiding and self-healing being. Because you see yourself more clearly, you will also see the other person and the situation more clearly. Life and work thus become a game. Because of your increased freedom of action, results are achieved much more effortlessly. And you feel better about yourself, because you live your purpose and you experience the meaning of your life.

Why am I so passionate about helping you go your own way, without being influenced by others or society? Because I experience for myself that nothing makes you as happy as sailing your own course and really standing on your own two feet in life. I was sick of playing hide and seek with myself and others. I was on a life-course that was taught to me and felt safe. But life was a sham, full of dark glasses and smoke screens. This has never made anyone really happy. Even though we pretend. Until life started to hurt. Than I found out that I was not only my own problem, but also my own solution.

Now it’s your turn.

One day, sitting on the toilet, I heard a tone in my head: hummmm and I was gone. To awaken in another dimension, at the source of creation. I saw with my own eyes how the world, me, all my life, emerged from my own mind. Then I knew: success or failure, sickness or health, war or peace, I AM my own cause. My life would never be the same again.

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